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Manufacturing & Design Technology, Inc.

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O u r  H i s t o r y 

MDT was established in 1982 as an engineering service company providing designs, problem identification and solutions for large companies across the country. We developed and designed ideas that were very unique, but we were unable to have them manufactured. This dilemma resulted in our investing in machine tools for manufacturing beginning in 1990, and with constant growth and expansion has resulted in machining capabilities that rival none.

With a broad range of engineering capabilities and a wealth of experience in machining ferrous, nonferrous, exotic and composite materials, we at MDT can offer technically sound, precise and cost effective designs and final products for virtually any commercial, aerospace, automotive, marine and military application.

Our staff is well versed in CAD/CAM engineering FEA, and we continue to integrate the latest advances in the art to the fullest. Our innovative and aggressive implementation of the latest technology is unparalleled in the industry. Our machine and machining capabilities are of the highest quality standard in the industry. We are constantly pushing the envelope of man and machine.


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Manufacturing & Design Technology, Inc.
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Chesapeake, Virginia 23323
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